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13.06.12<br />
54 doctors were today conferred with their medical degrees as they became the second graduating class of the Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS) at the University of Limerick.<br />
 The graduates come from all across Ireland and abroad and have among them very varied undergraduate backgrounds.   Established in 2007, the Graduate Entry Medical School Programme at UL is open to graduates from any discipline and employs practical and interactive approaches to learning.  Among the doctors who graduated at UL today are students with undergraduate degrees varying from a BA in Fashion Design, to a BSc in Environmental Science.  The graduating class also included 13 international students all from Canada.  The programme is also the only medical education programme in the country founded on the pedagogical principles of Problem Based Learning (PBL). Attending the conferring were graduates, Dr. Pia MacCurtain, Limerick and Dr. Jane Cronin, Nace.<br />
Picture: Alan Place/Press 22.